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Sometime in the early 1920's, a young man named Milton C. Anderson started a gaming supply business in Kansas City, Missouri. This was the roaring 20's, the Jazz age and things were looking up. Model T's filled the roads and Calvin Coolidge was president.

Milton named his company T.R. King after his favorite president, Teddy Roosevelt and the 'King' crown molds used on his casino chips. On March 16, 1929, Milton and his wife Adeline filled out a 'registration for fictitious name' form as two half partners in their business located at 617 Grand Avenue.

Two years later in 1931, the Andersons relocated their now prospering business to Los Angeles, California. They first set up shop on South Olive street. TR King produced casino chips, dice, gaming tables and equipment for many Las Vegas casinos. They also serviced smaller Nevada towns like Reno and Lake Tahoe. Many sought after casino chips were made by TR King on the large and small crown molds.

In 1956 Milton wanted to sell his company. He approached his saleman, Paul Endy, Sr., who along with a partner, George Davies, agreed to buy TR King.

TR King continued to thrive under new ownership and it's chips made their way to California card rooms and clubs. Many chips from Elks Lodges and illegal clubs chips are TR King's.

In 1970, Paul Endy, Sr., and his partner George Davies were having conflicting buisness visions. Unable to settle their differences they ended up in a courtroom where the judge told them that one partner needed to sell his half and the other needed to buy it. In the end, Paul Endy, Sr. sold his half to George Davies.

The General Manager at this time was Charles Endy, son of Paul Sr. who left when his father sold to Davies. Charles started another chip business, Top Hat and Cane Company which manufactured chips in a totally different manner. Another son of Endy, Paul Jr., had also worked for his father at TR King but left earlier to start his own company in Las Vegas: Paul Son Dice and Card, Inc. When he called on customers he was known as Paul's son and that name stuck. Charles would later team up with brother Paul and move his Top Hat and Cane company to Las Vegas and become part of Paul Son Dice and Card, Inc.

George Davies took on a partner, Roy Osterhaut, and together they owned and operated TR King. In 1974 they stopped selling in Nevada. It was suspected that the Nevada Gaming Board prohibited TR King from selling chips to it's casinos because they refused to stop dealing in items like marked cards and crooked dice to the public. TR King product catalogs from the 1930's and 40's did feature gaming 'enhancement' devices like these.

Shortly around the Nevada ban, Roy Osterhaut's son-in-law, Dennis O'Neill, joined the team at TR King. His hard work earned him the General Manager position and, eventually owner. Under this leadership the custom chip concept for home games really took off. Dennis' company's latter years were spent filling California and international casino orders as well as stock and custom orders from their website.

In August 2006, Dennis shut down TR King. For over 80 years the company owned by him, Davies, Endy and Anderson produced a reported 3,000+ unique designs and countless chips. This website is dedicated to those men, their company and the amazing chips they produced.

A very special thank you to Mike Endy, owner of Blue Chip Company, his father Charles, James Campiglia, author of the Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guides, Greg Ikemoto, Mark Huntley, Ed Day and the rest of the usual suspects at Chiptalk.net for all the invaluable contributions for this tribute site.


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